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tugas b.inggris tentang artikel

tugas tentang artikel tentang bahaya Busway

Busway and Its Social Problem
    In my opinion, Busway can threaten the society.
First Busway path causes the damaged and envinonment and hascles the social life, the Busway path is built in a main road and its only used by busway. People are not allowed to pass the path. It causes a traffic. According to my experience,the traffic caused by busway is really. Adverse I had to waste my time. In a street and I was late to campus.
Second, Busway causes accident, based on the reported news in tv, the Busway's driver sometimes rattles the bus and does'nt realize the padestrian who crosses the line. And the busway blunders the pedestrian.
Third, Busway increases vandalism and criminal, according to Dian Ramadhani Busway leads to inereased vandalism, an officer Eky , states that pickpocket's in Busway are reported everyday.
   For these three reason. I believe that Busway is a little bit dangerious.


Cemisya Umiakulsum Asiah
English 1
February 14, 2011

In my opinion, hiking to the mountain is worthwhile not only for make your body healthy but also build your soul to be more mature.
Firstly, this activity train your patience and unyielding feelings. Hike means go for a long walk in the country (oxford dictionary, fourth edition). If you hike to the mountain (mountaineering), you must face the uphill terrain. It maybe hard and exhausted for you. But you can’t stop in the half of journey and give up. You should be motivated yourself and believe you are strong enough to reach the top of mountain. Djukardi ‘Bongkeng’ Adriana, senior and instructor of Wanadri (2010) said journey and adventure in the mountain and jungle, realize or not will be affect to your psyche. He also said various obstacles you face in the journey make you become more resilient and not easily discouraged.
Secondly, hiking to the mountain making you not spoiled. At our home or city, many people who can help you doing anything. You can be act like boss, everybody is fetch and carry you. But when you doing hiking, you can’t  doing that anymore. You must be autonomous. You must doing all the things by yourself. From my personal experience, I learn to cook my food by myself, pack my stuff by myself, and build my tent by myself. Nobody pamper me. At that time, I was shocked. But it’s make me accustomed doing anything by myself.
Lastly, you can more be grateful to God and love your country when you see how magnificence the nature. The blue sky with white clouds, fresh air you breathe, sun shine and warm your skin, wild animal like bird and squirrel play freely, beautiful scene you never see, and other is the reason why you always miss to do hiking to the mountain. If you impregnate the nature, you will conscious you are so little. And at he time, you will remember The One who Make the place, God. And you will be grateful you still alive. According to Vie(2011), members of outdoor activities in university of Jambi, She gets so much satisfaction at the top of mountain. Therefore She more loving God and more amazed His creation.
Walt Whitman (1875), American poet, essayist, journalist, and humanist, writes that “Now I see the secret of the making of the best person. It is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth”.So, don’t be fear our doubt to try outdoor activities like hiking the mountain. You will get many benefit, for your body and your soul, from these activities.

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Danang Kuncoro Jati
English 1
Februari 14, 2011

Texting While Driving

          In my opinion, texting while driving is dangerous. It can cause an accident. I have an expirience about texting while i was driving. Around two years ago, i was going home from BSD by car, i got a short message from my friend, an urgent message. In my mind at that time, i inevitably had to reply that message, suddenly my car hit the roadblock in the toll road. I was lucky i’m ok, but my car got a serious damage. The long tie rod of my car fracture so i couldn’t go out from the toll road by myself. My mother picked me and my car up by crane.

          Texting while driving is more dangerous than driving under the influence. Some people did some research and showed that drivers who text and drive become more than one third slower than if they were coherent and not texting. Text messaging lowered reaction time by 35 percent, while people high under marijuana slowed down 21 percent and those who were drunk slowed down by 12 percent. From that research, it showed that texting while driving is really dangerous.

          I suggest you not to texting while driving. Save your live and the others.

Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

Haryobimo Arief Alexander
February 11, 2010

Wawan's Diet

Wawan's diet is quite healthy. He likes to eat all kinds of vegetable, such as carrot, long beans, and green veggies. Vegetables are rich in vitamin, by eating veggie, your body will not have a rough skin, sore mouth, and night blindness. Also, Wawan likes meat, fish and chicken. He will get the protein and fat he needed for his energy and to avoid his body to get weaker. All he got to do is to increase his portion of eating because his body does not look fit and big enough for someone from his age, and maintain his diet.
Haryobimo Arief Alexander
February 11, 2011

The bad correlation between any cell phone use and driving

Texting, making phone calls and any types of cell phone use while driving might be the most dangerous combination that least people could imagine.
Firstly, my own personal experience suggests that texting while driving can easily put your and other people surrounding us on danger. I nearly crashed a motorcyclist while sending a message through a phone, fortunately my younger sister was there to remind me that there was an intersection up ahead, and I had to immediately hit the brake. I believe this incident did not only happen to me, because it is quite easily seen that people tend to still use their mobile phone while driving, and I also have to feel blessed that I still have my sister on my side at that time. According to Eby & Kostinyuk (2003), the main driver’s distraction that usually leads to an accident is when a driver has to dial or talk or text a cell phone. Many people underestimated the risk of using cell phone while operating a vehicle, that is the main reason why there are still collisions caused by a single cell phone.
Secondly, there was once a series of Oprah Winfrey show that used ‘Distraction while driving’ as a topic, it discusses about the risk of using cell phone while driving. There were 2 people whose person they loved passed away caused by collisions involving cell phone. Oprah (2010) said that when people drive, it increases the likelihood of that person dies twice, when that person taking calls it multiples by 4, and when he text a message it doubles up to 8. Hands-free device is also as distracting as cell phone, because taking phones require a driver to listen to the person speaking through the phone, leaving the driver less likely to hear another driver's horn or an emergency siren, written in LaSpinna’s article (2010), taken from Dr. David Strayer’s study, professor of psychology at the University of Utah.
Lastly, there are numerous countries that banned the use of mobile phone while driving and fined in large amount. Also, according to Steitzer (2010), in almost 30 states in United Stated is strictly prohibited with mostly for those who does not have driving license. It is quite a disappointment for me though, because it should be restricted in all cases without exception. In September 2008, a Los Angeles commuter train conductor missed a red light while sending and receiving more than 40 text messages. The conductor and 24 others were killed, making it the second worst commuter train crash in U.S. history. The incident should have made everyone’s self-awareness to gain rapidly, but unfortunately it does not work that way to increase driver’s self-awareness.
In my opinion, when you have to dial, talk or text a message with a mobile phone is take your car to the side of the street. To endanger yourself and people around you, go drive a car while using your cell phone.


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