Senin, 14 Februari 2011

tugas b.inggris tentang artikel

tugas tentang artikel tentang bahaya Busway

Busway and Its Social Problem
    In my opinion, Busway can threaten the society.
First Busway path causes the damaged and envinonment and hascles the social life, the Busway path is built in a main road and its only used by busway. People are not allowed to pass the path. It causes a traffic. According to my experience,the traffic caused by busway is really. Adverse I had to waste my time. In a street and I was late to campus.
Second, Busway causes accident, based on the reported news in tv, the Busway's driver sometimes rattles the bus and does'nt realize the padestrian who crosses the line. And the busway blunders the pedestrian.
Third, Busway increases vandalism and criminal, according to Dian Ramadhani Busway leads to inereased vandalism, an officer Eky , states that pickpocket's in Busway are reported everyday.
   For these three reason. I believe that Busway is a little bit dangerious.

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