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Cemisya Umiakulsum Asiah
English 1
February 14, 2011

In my opinion, hiking to the mountain is worthwhile not only for make your body healthy but also build your soul to be more mature.
Firstly, this activity train your patience and unyielding feelings. Hike means go for a long walk in the country (oxford dictionary, fourth edition). If you hike to the mountain (mountaineering), you must face the uphill terrain. It maybe hard and exhausted for you. But you can’t stop in the half of journey and give up. You should be motivated yourself and believe you are strong enough to reach the top of mountain. Djukardi ‘Bongkeng’ Adriana, senior and instructor of Wanadri (2010) said journey and adventure in the mountain and jungle, realize or not will be affect to your psyche. He also said various obstacles you face in the journey make you become more resilient and not easily discouraged.
Secondly, hiking to the mountain making you not spoiled. At our home or city, many people who can help you doing anything. You can be act like boss, everybody is fetch and carry you. But when you doing hiking, you can’t  doing that anymore. You must be autonomous. You must doing all the things by yourself. From my personal experience, I learn to cook my food by myself, pack my stuff by myself, and build my tent by myself. Nobody pamper me. At that time, I was shocked. But it’s make me accustomed doing anything by myself.
Lastly, you can more be grateful to God and love your country when you see how magnificence the nature. The blue sky with white clouds, fresh air you breathe, sun shine and warm your skin, wild animal like bird and squirrel play freely, beautiful scene you never see, and other is the reason why you always miss to do hiking to the mountain. If you impregnate the nature, you will conscious you are so little. And at he time, you will remember The One who Make the place, God. And you will be grateful you still alive. According to Vie(2011), members of outdoor activities in university of Jambi, She gets so much satisfaction at the top of mountain. Therefore She more loving God and more amazed His creation.
Walt Whitman (1875), American poet, essayist, journalist, and humanist, writes that “Now I see the secret of the making of the best person. It is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth”.So, don’t be fear our doubt to try outdoor activities like hiking the mountain. You will get many benefit, for your body and your soul, from these activities.

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